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Promotional keyrings available in plastic, metal and leather, what's your tipple?

 Promotional key rings are genuinely useful promotional products. The reason I think they’re not as popular as they could be is because most people only use one or two of them; the rest of them will be thrown away or left in a drawer somewhere. As such, in order for a key ring to be a successful promotional product, it must be better or at least more interesting that the competition.

A boring, square plastic key ring with a logo in it, for example, will not be chosen over a swanky, light metal alternative. As we have just discovered, to not-be-chosen in this world is to FAIL as a promotional product. So – no more boring, tackiness; go for classier alternative that people will actually want to carry around on them. Even better, get a classy key ring with a purpose; this metal key ring not only looks good, but it opens bottles with ease – as good a combination in a key ring as in a wife! Ahem.

There is, of course, a price difference when it comes to buying nicer one over a rubbish one - that should be obvious. However, I ask you this; how many rubbish ones used and seen by nobody does it take to provide the same amount of advertising as a single cool keyring, used by a single person and seen by twenty others? The answer? INFINITY

Trolley coin types are used in supermarket trollies instead of a pound coin or a euro coin.

Plastic is the volume end of the market with different shapes available, all available in recycled options and our chosen manufacturer is in the UK, great CSR story and the option to visit the factory whilst your job is being produced.

Corporate, metal and leather categories have executive options in all different shapes and sizes and can be engraved, embossed or foil blocked with a logo or name.

The bottle opener range is typically purchased and given to students.

What, who and why are they purchased in such large volumes?

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