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Archive | July, 2015

Seven Easy and Money-Saving Ways to Market Your Business

30 Jul

marketing concept with financial graph and chart

Artistic television advertisements directed by luminaries of the film world and featuring the biggest stars of the silver screen would far eclipse the budget of 99.9% of businesses out there. For the majority of businesses, stricter budgeting has to be taken into account when marketing their products and services. Because of this, we have put […]

How Much Power Does Your Smartphone Use?

24 Jul

Leighmans_how much power thumb

Mobile phones seem to be able to hold a charge for shorter and shorter periods with every generation. Do you look at the rapidly depleting battery symbol on your smartphone and reminisce about the days of the Nokia 3310 which seemed to last for weeks on a single charge and seemed capable of surviving an […]

Six Promotional Gifts that You Definitely Haven’t Thought of Yet

23 Jul

Marketing, lightbulb, element.

One of the most effective methods to ensure your promotional gift gets noticed is selecting an unusual product that your rivals will never have thought about. Put down the branded pens and take off the branded hoodies – here are six unusual promotional gifts you won’t have thought of and the recipients won’t forget.

Six Mad Celebrity Endorsements

14 Jul

Slyvester Stallone Warburtons Advert

Tiger Woods and Lionel Messi wearing Nike clothing or Nicole Kidman slathering Chanel No. 5 all over her naked silhouette are incredibly successful celebrity endorsement for the brands – helping align their products with the qualities the celebs exude.