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Archive | September, 2015

Eight Tactless Marketing Campaigns from the Last Decade

28 Sep

Marketing Stress

Successful marketing campaigns need to be fresh, exciting, eye-catching and relevant. But, perhaps more than anything else, they need to be incredibly tactful. A tactless marketing campaign can serve to alienate existing customers and potential leads. From social faux-pas to misjudged promises – we look at 10 of the most tactless marketing campaigns of the […]

The Psychological Impact of Different Colours in Branding

18 Sep

Coloured Pencils

Whilst utilising colour and light to create certain reactions may be more associated with psychology and wellbeing than marketing – it is an important factor in creating a positive branding impression. Colours can immediately and subconsciously evoke different reactions in the public, aligning the brand with certain qualities. Here we have a look at what […]

Getting Ready for End-of-Year Awards Ceremonies

14 Sep

The end-of-year business awards ceremony can be a vital part of the corporate calendar, recognising the hard work of individuals, teams and departments. Recognition and subsequent reward can be the difference between a motivated and demotivated workforce. It is important to ensure the ceremony and the actual awards are well-managed and executed to ensure a […]

6 Unbelievable Corporate Logo Fails

9 Sep

Businessman Computer Planning Marketing Brand Concept

Blatantly ignoring the lessons shared by the big brands benefitting from the world’s most recognisable logos, some companies choose to infect their branding with ill-considered design practices and logos. Here we have a look at the companies and organisations which should have a word with their graphic designer…