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Archive | February, 2016

What is Co-Branding and How Could It Help Your Business

29 Feb


Despite there being hundreds of examples of it in everyday life, co-branding remains a bit of a mystery to those unfamiliar with the term. If you’re one of the few people who knows exactly what co-branding is, you’ll no doubt be able to attest to just how helpful it can be for businesses. If you’re […]

Targeted Branding — Frequent Flyers

26 Feb


Travelling the world in business class might sound a refined endeavour, but chat to anyone whose job involves copious globetrotting and they’ll soon tell you otherwise. Not only can work-related travel be bad for your health, it can leave you feeling disconnected from friends and relatives, and put romantic relationships on the rocks. That said […]

5 of the Best Uses of Virtual Reality in Marketing

23 Feb


Marketing’s certainly come a long way since the days of static billboards, corny radio jingles and admen with a questionable moral compass. Now, organisations are truly pushing the technological envelope when it comes to flogging their wares, using a variety of cutting-edge platforms to poach more profit from the competition. While some (grossly overpaid) marketing […]