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Why Choosing a Social Star Could Work Wonders for Your Brand

26 Mar I

Shrewd brands have long understood the benefit of influencers. From Vorderman to Winfrey, aligning your business with high profile personalities can help attain a glut of new customers, or else a completely new demographic. Consumers are quick to trust or distrust individual personalities, but the same can’t be said for businesses. That’s why affiliating your brand with a well-considered influencer can reap great rewards for your business.

Sadly Vorderman no longer possesses the PR brunt she once had, and Winfrey is all the way across the pond — so who do you turn to help promote your products? Cheryl Cole? Phillip Schofield? One Direction (shudders)?

No, forget the expensive has-beens, and plump for a social media star instead.

Forging a lucrative niche for themselves across one or more social platforms, these savvy entrepreneurs have put their own expertise or personality to good use — becoming a celebrity in their own right. With a huge following at their disposal and a good eye for what’s hot and not in a specific industry, these social surfers can give your brand a serious boost.

But before you start throwing money at any old YouTuber with a few thousand subscribers under their belt, you need to think carefully about what a specific influencer will bring to your brand. Like any profile building brand advocate, the one you choose must reflect your demographic, else you risk putting existing customers off and muddling your overall identity.

The easiest way to choose a brand advocate which aligns with the identity of your business is to speak to your customer base about the social stars they’re aware of. While the big cheeses of the social stratosphere tend to be young and trend driven, there are lots of potential influencers out there which are popular with a specific demographic or social group — so be sure to do plenty of research before settling on an influencer. A quick survey among your customers could well deliver valuable insight into the types of high profile influencers you should target.


Once you’ve identified a social influencer who’s a good fit for your brand, it’s time to tread carefully. Without careful forethought, working with a brand influencer could cause more harm than good, as Oreo found out during a recent campaign. The Advertising Standards Agency has put in place strict rules to govern the promotion of products by social media starlets, in a bid to make it clear exactly what’s an advert and what isn’t.

One simple way to avoid a rollicking by the ASA whilst still reaping the benefits of a social media influencer is to co-create a campaign that tells a story rather than simply promoting a product. A co-created campaign shouldn’t be salesy; it should be funny, entertaining or even informative. Your product may seem out of the spotlight, but through careful pre-planning and foresight, you and your influencer can make sure your brand name is on everyone’s lips after viewing the video, image or text post.

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