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Choosing the Right Promotional Gift For Your Audience

30 Mar I

Throwing freebies at potential customers isn’t the effective marketing strategy it once was. The dawn of the net has given consumers greater awareness of promotional ploys, and made them wary of businesses touting complimentary hand-outs left, right and centre. Now brands must think hard about how to better align with their audience to guarantee the success of a promotional giveaway campaign, or else face falling at the first hurdle.

Here in the UK, we’ve a mixed bag of different demographics. This makes it challenging for businesses and marketers to cater to the needs of a specific bracket, particularly when you consider that no two consumers are the same.

While promotional giveaways are still proven to be an effective marketing strategy, they only work when targeted at the right consumer base. To help guarantee the success of your next promotional giveaway, we’ve put together this illustrated guide to choosing the right gift for your audience. Though by no means exhaustive, the graphic should help identify a ballpark when selecting the right gift for the right consumer group.


Now that you’ve identified your audience, it’s time to invest in that all-important promotional gift. Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Leighmans, we offer over 5,000 different promotional products — from leather laptop sleeves to state-of-the-art power banks. What’s more, all of the gifts and products we offer can be fully personalised with your brand’s livery, so you can give your customers something useful whilst gaining valuable exposure for your business.

To browse our complete range of products, visit the Leighmans homepage or call us on 0800 169 0898.

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