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If you have an exhibition or trade show approaching and want to ensure your stand makes the maximum possible impact, your staff need to be appropriately dressed. Our promotional clothing range includes fully brandable T-shirts, shirts, hoodies and caps, allowing you to create just the right impression.

The Power of Uniform
Organisations have long recognised the value of dressing their staff in standardised or distinctive clothing. Besides religious and cultural dress, the first uniforms were developed by the military in Roman times and consisted of red or white wool tunics underneath the soldiers’ armour. Over the centuries this evolved to encompass a gamut of clothing types, from the extremely elaborate through to the most utilitarian. It was in fact the U.S. Navy which popularised the T-shirt when it began issuing them as undergarments in 1913 during the time of the Spanish American War.
The first football kits in England began to appear around 1870, after the Football Association drew up the first set of national rules for the game. The colours worn by teams were often those of the public schools and sports clubs with which they were associated.
The hoodie, meanwhile, which we tend to think of as a modern invention, actually went on sale in the 1930s. Made by Champion in the US, it was marketed as a practical piece of clothing to be worn by labourers who worked outside throughout the winter in New York. It went on to be adopted by sports players and teams, who had the jumpers customised for their teams and, with that, promotional clothing was born.

Branding Your Promotional Clothing
Our range of garments can be digitally printed in full colour with your artwork or embroidered with your logo. T-shirts and hoodies offer a large surface area, which is great for large eye-catching designs, which will grab attention on the show floor.
If, on the other hand, you’re commissioning promotional clothing to give away to clients consider keeping the branding subtle. Fleeces and jackets are popular for gifting to participants on corporate incentive trips, and to make the most of your investment it is advisable to choose a design which does not deter the wearer from using the item once they’re home. A company logo and a tag line is usually enough.
Lower cost items such as baseball caps, which start at just £1.17, are a great choice to unify a team or group without making a large investment.

Branded Quality 
Promotional T-shirts start from as little as £1.79 and are a great way to dip your toe into branded apparel on a budget, however, if you want your garments to be long lasting, it is worth purchasing the highest quality you can afford.
Our range includes 100% cotton, heard wearing polo shirts, tailored Oxford shirts and lined waterproof jackets manufactured by well-known brands such as Fruit of the Loom, Regatta and Slazenger. 
For wash-resistant, fade-proof branding opt for embroidery over printing and your garment will offer years of stylish wear.

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