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Personalised Corporate Gifts

In these very troubling and difficult times businesses are being forced to make tough decisions. Just like our politicians over the economy and the national debt of where to cut back.

When looking at a profit and loss account of where to cut costs, in black and white on paper, it may well be quick and easy to slash or remove the marketing budget. It may look very attractive to save anything from five hundred pounds per month to tens of thousands of pounds a month.

Be warned that this short term relief from costs will undoubtedly help with your cash flow but medium to long term you will be increasingly distant from your target audience. Other companies that have not cut their marketing budgets will come out stronger and with more market share. It may take you years, if at all, just to get back to where you were.

Executive gifts give you a far more targeted campaign and thus a higher return on investment than traditional forms of marketing, such as newspapers, trade press, television, radio, billboards etc.

The best gifts have a day-to-day practical application and will give you far more exposure to a brand than the traditional business-to-business marketing.

The most popular business gifts are pens. Furthermore having a famous, well known branded pen, such as a Parker or Cross, with your logo engraved next to it reinforces the quality of your brand. Pens are the most practical promotional gift and Metal Pens engraved with your logo will be seen every time it is used, every day, week and month of the year, how many times did you see that TV advert?

Business card holders are available in metal which can be engraved and leather which can be blind embossed, your logo recessed in the leather leaving a permanent marking. At every meeting or event you will be reaching for that business card and both you and at least one other person will see the brand on the case, how many times did you see that billboard advert when you passed it?

Metal clocks for the desk come in all sorts of finishes, shiny, matt, chrome, brushed there is lots of choice and styles. As metal clocks are of a reasonable weight and size they will stay on a desk to have your brand seen all day everyday, how many times did you see that advert?

Metal keyrings give far more longevity than a plastic key ring as people are far more likely to retain a metal key ring for a longer period of time. Your brand will be seen every time the keys are used, how many times did you hear that radio campaign?

These type of products are traditionally purchased as Christmas gifts or year round by quality companies competing hard and succeeding in their industry sector.

In summary, cash is king and we all need to retain as much as possible but may be moderate it or concentrate your efforts and achieve a far higher rate of return, as to axe your marketing budget could be the death of a thousand cuts!