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Leather has long been regarded as a luxury material, so investing in leather promotional folders for your staff and clients is a great way to communicate quality brand values. Our range of real leather and bonded leather folders can be embossed, printed or foil blocked in gold or silver with your company logo.

A Short History of Leather
Humans have been utilising leather for clothing and tents for hundreds of thousands of years. The first rudimental tanning process is mentioned in Assyrian texts and Homers Iliad, and by Roman times leather was being used in a wide variety of ways – to make footwear, clothing, flasks, beds, rugs, armour and harnesses. Tanning process continued to develop throughout the Middle Ages and most English towns and villages had a tannery during the Medieval period. There were relatively few changes in the methods used to produce leather, until the industrial revolution in the later part of the 19th century introduced science to the art and craft of leather making. A wider range of dyestuffs, synthetic tanning agents and oils were introduced. Together with precision machinery, these developments have made leather an affordable luxury which remains as popular as ever.

Fascinating Leather Facts

  • On average a consumer will have at least four leather items on them at any one time (e.g. shoes, belt, wallet, watchstrap).
  • Leather outlasts fabric by four to one. Leather is 50% stronger than other upholstery materials and could have a useful life of 15 – 20 years.
  • World production of leather is estimated at 23 billion square feet, at a value of circa US$45 billion.

Types of Leather
Here at Leighmans.com, we offer folders manufactured from both 100% real leather and cost effective bonded leather.

Nappa leather: The most expensive type of leather. Super-soft full grain leather made from unsplit lamb or sheep skins.

Top-grain leather: The second-highest quality type of leather. Thinner and more pliable than full-grain, its surface has been sanded and a finish coat added.

Bonded leather: Uses natural leather leftovers that are bonded back into larger pieces using polyurethane binders on top of a fibre sheet. It is a highly durable fabric, which benefits from extensive design options.

Leather Experts
Our knowledge of working with leather is second to none. We are partnered with a traditional UK shoe manufacturer in Northampton, UK, who has evolved and adapted his business to become a leading manufacturer of quality leather portfolios, ringbinders and other leather based products such as Oyster Card Holders, Passport Holders and more. As well as having a large ‘off-the-shelf’ range that can be branded and delivered in 7 working days, we also offer a custom service. This gives you the ability to completely personalise your promotional leather products in the best way for your brand. For more information call 0800 169 0898 or email sales@leighmans.com.