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Full Colour Print Items

Every new season is accompanied with new fashion and colours. Still, we live in a world where black seems to be the norm and every other colour has to be “sold” as “the new black”. But our sales team would prefer to see the things in full technicolour and so came up with several items on which you can have high resolution, full colour digital print.

Leighmans is here to make sure that your brand, you and your clients will make a colourful splash wherever they appear. We had loads of fun going through our assortment of products to decide which ones would be best to splash with. To top it all off we’ve made all of these colourful selections available for delivery within 5 days.

Every now and then we all need to scribble something down in a hurry and, boy, have we got the tools for you.

You are sure to be a major hit with these babies in any situation.

Whip out this companion to your keys and you are sure to close that real-estate deal.

Have you ever thought about how to brighten up your desk? Well, this handy selection of must-have-items is sure to send a colourful message worthy of an interior designer.

When you travel you should travel in style. You are guaranteed to be remembered for your Yo-Yo challenge or your credit card sized ice scraper.

It’s perfectly fine to make a splash at the golf course and you shouldn’t be any different from the rest of the lawyers and surgeons. With these awesome trinkets anyone can improve their game and look fabulous doing it.

We love mints any time of day and with some customised packaging from our selection, your clients will be forever in your debt and remember your sweet company, even if you’re a dentist.

Next time you serve up something to drink in your office, make sure your guest will never feel the same about drinking again, ever!

If the notice board is all cluttered and there’s nowhere to put important information, think again. These little puppies are your new best friends and when you’re done with the catering, they will liven up any cafeteria or kitchen.

We know how important it is to always look your best and we are here to help you look like you’re in the fashion industry.

Wearing a colourful name badge during a banking conference will ensure that you’re remembered for a long, long time.

Things break. It’s just a sad fact of life, but we are here to save the day. These are so easy to use that anyone can pass for an engineer.

We are committed to making sure that the world stays vibrant and full of colour and we hope our commitment is reflected in our products. Think of us as your colourful friend who’s there to help you brighten up your day and for those around you.