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When we get our hands on our first car, it’s liberating and scary in equal measure and we think we are so grown up. Whilst we are learning to drive we dream of having our own car, or sharing a car with a parent or sibling. When we get their all we want to do is personalise it and make it our own. This segways us nicely to car accessories and personalising your experience with your vehicle.

We are often given a Car Winter Pack for Christmas (printed with a logo on the packaging) including an Ice Scraper, of which they come in many formats, conveniently Credit Card sized, with or without a Rubber Wiper to get a crystal clear finish or Lined Gloves to stop the frost bite setting in. Often included are De-Icer, Chamois and Demister Pad.

Car dealerships are often generous with promotional products and corporate gifts and depending on the time of year you buy your vehicle you will get a seasonal gift to match. A large golf umbrella always brings a smile to my face and I know that my wife likes the smaller telescopic umbrellas that she keeps in her driver side car door. Anything mobile phone related is a winner, especially Air Vent Phone Holders and Car Chargers are very popular.

If you wash your own car there are many Car Care products that you would enjoy using/ playing with on your motor. Tyre Pressure Gauges, Tyre Tread Gauges, Chamois Leathers all for petrol heads, ‘handy’ and motivated drivers.

Car dealerships place special emphasis on your vehicle being returned to you in a better condition than when it arrived at the dealership. They use Printed Disposable Seat Covers and Disposable Floor Mats to protect from grease and ensure no greater mess before going to the valet team for a spruce up. At launch events and grand vehicle unveilings a Car Cover printed with the dealership logo is often used and special 4 x 4 Wheel Covers are produced.

In recent times Car Flags and Car Mirror Flags have emerged, often with a national flag and a company logo and they have great presence, they are a definite head-turner and get noticed. The other high impact visual products are defiantly Arial Toppers and Car Air fresheners which are custom manufactured in China.