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Sports & Drinks Bottles

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Promotional Sports Bottles are very versatile and are used in many different environments and by very different people. Sports bottles are used by people who exercise, such as footballers, rugby players, cricketers etc. During the football when the physiotherapist comes running on for an injured player, you always see the players not involved drinking from drink bottles. During the cricket there are organised refreshment breaks and play is stopped for drink bottles to be brought out on to the field of play. This should now be making you think of the marketing and advertising opportunities that exist with promotional sports bottles.

Our most popular selling printed sports bottles are our 500ml Budget Sports Bottle which is guaranteed to be the cheapest on the net. This bottle has figure grips to make it feel very tactile in the hand, reassuringly comfortable as your hand will not slip off when you are sweaty. It has a big brother with a capacity of 750ml. Due to having the figure grips on one side a one position print is only available. We have other bottles where an all over print is offered.

The two promotional drink bottles above both have lots of personalisation available. There is a wide choice of coloured lids and an even larger array of coloured bodies to choose from. Great options, fast delivery and an almost guaranteed Return on Investment (ROI), as long as you target the right audience.

Promotional sports bottles can be screen printed and pantone matched to up to six spot colours and on some styles a full colour print is offered. Due to the intense heat used when printing in full colour this is only available on certain styles. Promotional drink bottles are usually mass produced lost cost items but when wanting full colour printing the very best quality sports bottles are required, on small runs.