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How Brands Use Promotional Clothing

13 Jul

Targeted Branding — Fashion and Style Experts

13 Apr

Fashion and style

According to latest figures from the British Fashion Council, the fashion industry contributes £26 billion a year to the UK economy, making it one of the country’s most lucrative sectors. Online shopping, coupled with a rise in inexpensive high street stores, has contributed to a 20% rise in fashion and style expenditure in recent years […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Promotional Merchandise

8 Apr

Beautiful smiling young woman with the colourful shopping bags from the fancy shops.

The benefits of implementing promotional merchandise as part of a marketing exercise are well documented. Such products are a great way to gain exposure for your brand, and cost less per impression than alternative types of advertising. They’re also perfect for attaining brand endorsement, and can be useful when marketing to a new demographic or […]

Targeted Branding — Students

1 Apr

Despite students claiming to have no money, they sure spend a lot. According to recent statistics, the UK’s student population has a combined buying power of over £10 billion, with the average undergrad spending up to £5000 a year on clothes, entertainment, food and travel. So assuming students aren’t actually as hard up as they […]

Choosing the Right Promotional Gift For Your Audience

30 Mar

Throwing freebies at potential customers isn’t the effective marketing strategy it once was. The dawn of the net has given consumers greater awareness of promotional ploys, and made them wary of businesses touting complimentary hand-outs left, right and centre. Now brands must think hard about how to better align with their audience to guarantee the […]

Why Choosing a Social Star Could Work Wonders for Your Brand

26 Mar


Shrewd brands have long understood the benefit of influencers. From Vorderman to Winfrey, aligning your business with high profile personalities can help attain a glut of new customers, or else a completely new demographic. Consumers are quick to trust or distrust individual personalities, but the same can’t be said for businesses. That’s why affiliating your […]

5 Cracking Easter Marketing Campaigns that Broke the Mould

24 Mar

B2C businesses are shameless when it comes to high jacking holidays and events to flog their wares to consumers, and Easter is no exception. Clucking after your custom like an old hen around a bag of corn, brands pull out all the stops to get you splurging on their products at Easter time — whether it be […]

6 Steps to Position Your Products as Premium

24 Mar


Why is it some brands are synonymous with luxury and prestige, and others aren’t? Does the answer lie in a product’s build quality? Its name? Its price? Or is something else at play here?   From Rolex to Ralph Lauren, a handful of brands are weighted with such prestige their products need no introduction. But […]

What is Co-Branding and How Could It Help Your Business

29 Feb


Despite there being hundreds of examples of it in everyday life, co-branding remains a bit of a mystery to those unfamiliar with the term. If you’re one of the few people who knows exactly what co-branding is, you’ll no doubt be able to attest to just how helpful it can be for businesses. If you’re […]

Targeted Branding — Frequent Flyers

26 Feb


Travelling the world in business class might sound a refined endeavour, but chat to anyone whose job involves copious globetrotting and they’ll soon tell you otherwise. Not only can work-related travel be bad for your health, it can leave you feeling disconnected from friends and relatives, and put romantic relationships on the rocks. That said […]